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Financial Literacy

Chancellor offers designed and developed built-out, scalable programs through interactive training sessions. Our training and virtual workshops are geared towards improving knowledge. We promote establishing strategic relationships with corporate training resources to ensure effectiveness and alignment of learning initiatives. Chancellor Consulting Firm, LLC – CCF delivers training solutions and specialized learning materials to increase user productivity.

Here at Chancellor, we work with functional experts to develop programs that achieve defined learning and business objectives; we ensure all learning programs use adult learning principles which can be delivered in adherence to include benchmarking, evaluating prior learner performance, and feedback. Collaborating with Subject Matter Experts and functional business partners will produce full range tools and materials required to deliver the highest quality training programs for our clients. As we implement alternative approach to the theory of blended learning solutions, other remedies are explored to maximize our client’s potential. Chancellor Consulting Firm, LLC – CCF consults with Learning Strategy and Curriculum Development to ensure implementation of short-and long-term planning that are consistent with empowerment.