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Mission Statement

Act as a Not for Profit organization providing resources for Metro Atlanta based residence in need of the following:


1. Veteran Pension / Benefits Filing

2. Job Assistance, Resume & Interview Training and Uniform Services

3. Aged-Out Foster Care Transitional Services

4. Traveling with Disabilities Support Services

Veterans Services

Veterans Medical Needs – The Atlanta VA Medical Center covers over 130,000 enrolled Veterans living in 50 counties and 10 Congressional districts in northeast Georgia.  The Atlanta VA is comprised of a tertiary medical center with twelve additional sites of care.

Veterans Non-Medical Needs – The Atlanta VA Regional Office is responsible for delivering non-medical VA benefits and services to Georgia Veterans and their dependent family members.  The Veterans Service Center (VSC) delivers non-medical benefits for over 113,000 veterans and/or their dependent family members for compensation, pension, death compensation, or death pension payments that exceed 110,000,000 monthly.

Alliance Humanity, Inc.– AHI assists veterans understand and gain access to their benefits and provides the following services:

1. Pension and Benefits Filing

2. Execute (45) day turnaround

3. Subcontract with VA Government Agencies

4. Onsite Seminars

5. Identify and secure Housing

6. Veterans Counseling Services

Employment Services

AHI assists Atlanta based job seekers with the following services:

1. Job Seeker Search Strategies

2. Resume review and updating

3. Financial Literacy

4. Networking

5. Interview skills

6. Uniforms

7. Designated Distributor

8. Liaison between Nonprofit

Family Services

The Georgia Department of Family & Children Services (DFCS) is responsible for placing children in foster care. Foster care is intended to be a temporary home away from home while the agency works with the child’s family to eliminate or minimize the safety issues that caused agency involvement.  DFCS’s goal is to return children safely to their families as soon as possible, but only after the safety issues have been resolved.

Alliance Humanity, Inc.– AHI assists (DFCS), parents, children and foster parent with the following Foster Care Transitional Services:

1. Scholarships for College or Vocational Education Training

2. Onsite Seminars

3. Medical/Insurance care

4. Counseling

5. Housing

Travel Services

Nearly 1 in 5 people have a disability in the U.S., that accounts for about 56.7 million people or 19 percent of the population. Nearly 1 in 2 people have a chronic condition. People with disabilities or with family members with disabilities or acute / chronic medical condition have unique challenges when traveling.

AHI assists these individuals and family members with the following Traveling with Disabilities Support Services:

1. Family Vacations

2. Weddings

3. Birthdays

4. Celebrate Graduations

5. Retirement Parties


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